About Us

In 1998 I began experimenting with nuts, after being inspired by some yummy roasted almonds I bought at a sporting event. You know the ones....you can smell them half a mile away! As I sat there enjoying my almonds, it occurred to me that there was no need to visit the ballpark to enjoy these tasty snacks—I could make my own. It took several attempts to get that first batch right, but I knew I had a winner when I passed them out as gifts at Christmas. I got rave reviews!

Each year thereafter, I developed a new recipe with different spices, flavorings, and different kinds of nuts. I then began to fill tins, using cardboard dividers to create 2-way and 4-way gift assortments. Soon, people were asking me for the recipes. And voilà! The idea for “Dick’s Incredible Nuts” recipe book was born.

Now, you can enjoy my soon-to-be-famous nuts for parties, special occasions, and holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Visit my "Products" page and check out my "Black Box" nut case assortments. They make a wonderful (and appreciated) gift and for just $12, I'll ship it anywhere in the U.S.

Enjoy...but I must caution you to eat responsibly. Once you start eating them, you can't stop!
- Dick